Message from Director / Principal

“Great personalities are shaped with great experience.”

Welcome to Sky International School. A complete personality comprises of balanced physical, emotional, social and spiritual attitude. The new generation exhibits skills and talents of unparalleled genius. The future belongs to those who are Inquirers, Thinkers, Communicators, Open minded, Risk takers and Reflective.

Guided by these virtues, we run our programmes, keeping in mind the potential of child and using the ways to identify & nurture their inherent then potential. Education is the only way to improve and reach greater heights with righteous thinking.

As the world is of competitive nature, unless we compete with other using modern technology we will be lagging in the race. Therefore, our management, unmindful of the huge investment involved, has benevolently introduced Digi – Classrooms shifting from the traditional/conventional chalk, talk, blackboard class room to the modernized three-dimensional computerized class rooms. In every class room, we have an interactive board, a projector, a computer with internet facilities which is connected to a master server for an easy access.

This facility improves the absorption level of students from 35 % to 75 % as per scientific studies. This will ultimately kindle and motivate the students and thereby make learning more meaningful and enjoyable. By this, we earnestly feel that the thinking style of the students will definitely undergo a rapid change.

As education is a continuous process from womb to tomb, every day, every minute and every second we learn for widening our horizon. I pray that let success be yours in all your earnest efforts and let the sky in the name of Sky International be ever shining.

Mrs. Maya Bhattacharya
Principal & Academic Director
Sky International School